Stylish and Smart: The Ready Carry-on Luggage


There's a slight upshift in the ethos of travel. Be it vagabonding from country to country and carrying all your life's possessions on your back. "Travel light and minimize" they say but do you really have what you need with you on that perfect day.  It's finally time to put all that extra luggage you've been carrying around off your back and have it rolling beside you on your next journey. 



I present to to you the Ready Luggage Carry-On a fresh face in the line up of smart luggage. It has a built in USB charging port. So you won't have to be those zombies in the airport who puts their life on the line for all those power outlets. 





If you're a person with an extreme case of nostalgia. It also has a built-in strap to help you fasten that pesky backpack you've had with you since you graduated college. 


I guess the next feature I'd like to talk about is its durability. After getting a first hand look on how the team is testing every piece of luggage. I'm expecting this to be built like a tank.


Up next the most niftiest feature I'd have to say is the built-in weight sensor. Where you can just lift up you luggage and look at the companion app.  




Lastly my favorite feature must have to be this: 

Have you ever found yourself having your name paged and struggling to get to the gate. With your carry-on to your left hand and coffee on the other. You finally make it to the gate but then you need a third hand to hold your boarding pass. This is what you need The Ready, for situations like that. 


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Here's a link to their indiegogo campaign:  Link