A Very Contemporary Apartment in Renovation in Barcelona


Apartment Renovation in Les Corts by Roman Izquierdo Bouldstridge:

“The project consists of an apartment renovation of a sixties residential building designed by the famous architect Francesc Mitjans. It is located in the old plot of Camp Nou Stadium, in the Barcelona district of Les Corts. The 83-square-metres (893-square-feet) flat is situated in the second floor of the building, enjoying the green views of a park and receiving the natural light of the afternoon sun. The original project was distributed with the typical division of partition walls and corridors. Light only entered in the facade rooms, leaving out the rest of the dwelling with a poor illumination and natural ventilation. The non-existent relation in-between the different areas originated a fragmented space without park views.
The first intention of the project was to open up the space the maximum possible, considering the whole apartment as a unique room looking to the park. Two wide glazed windows painted black focus the gaze of the whole dwelling from the interior to the exterior, acting as a frame of the green background. Natural light comes in with all its brightness, giving joy to any spot of the residence and generating a warm sensation of spaciousness.
A game of visual diagonals is created by the opening of a large sliding door, providing a fluent spatial relation in-between the different areas of the apartment while giving a wider perception of space. Closet-bedroom-studio area is connected with dining-living-terrace area in a unique environment where daily life activities take place in a natural way. At the same time, the flexibility of the sliding door permits separating day area and night area, giving the possibility of providing privacy to the user.