This hand made Italian Stallio - "Zaeta" by El Solitario

Any time David Borras and co. start work on a new build, you can feel the electricity spark throughout the custom world. Both celebrated and chided for their design directions, builds from the Galician cannibals are always unique and never boring.

Of course, when you start with a 255-lb. supermoto-style weapon like the Zaeta 530SE, ‘boring’ would be impossible anyways. The brief for this commission is to create a street legal flat track racebike with enhanced performance. Right now, all we know is that ‘Pluto’ will be quick and nimble, and will debut at the Wheels and Waves festival in June.

David has revealed that Pluto will be torture-tested right off the hop: It’s also been entered into the El Rollo Flat Track in Spain at the San Sebastian Lasarte hippodrome. We have no idea what the finished product will look like, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled to see what emerges from the clouds of tire smoke and flinging dirt.