Jay Leno Finally Shows off His Pristine 1989 Ford Festiva V6 Shogun

With boxy-shelled cars like the E30 M3 and the Mercedes-Benz 190E taking up most of the limelight, it’s not only German cars that got the adrenaline pumping back in the ’80s and ’90s. Ford, while perhaps not synonymous for elegance and sophistication like its European rivals, came out with this; the 1989 Ford Shogun. Originally based on the Festiva chassis, the square super-compact actually has a Ford Taurus SHO V6 engine crammed behind the seats for mid-engine handling and 220 horsepower stock (Jay shoots nitrous-oxide through his for around 300 horsepower). Its wide dimensions, extremely lightweight curb weight and ultra-limited production — there’s only seven in the world each in a different color and Jay owns silver #003 — has made it a unicorn of sorts for automotive enthusiasts. Even in Jay’s garage, the car has been slightly previewed in the back of the storage but never unveiled until now.