Take a Look Inside Soho House's Farmhouse Retreat

London-born Soho House‘s worldwide locations are known for being housed in stunning architectural spaces around the world, and its latest addition brings the private members club to a countryside retreat. Soho House & Co’s design team has partnered with London-based architecture firm Michaelis Boyd to design the 100 acre-farmhouse that resides in an Oxfordshire village. 40 individually-designed cabins have been assembled around the site’s original farm, which together feature a main barn with mezzanine dining areas, a bar, a boathouse, gym, spin studio, yoga studio, movie theater, sauna and steam room. Balconies provide extensive views over the farm’s courtyard, lake, and boathouse, which was built from reclaimed timber from an old barn with terrace roof coverings and cobbled stone floors. Offering activities like horseback riding, tennis and swimming, the barn also features a 16 meter (over 50 foot) long indoor pool that extends into a 25 meter (approximately 82 foot) long pool outdoors with a deck. A movie theater inside is decked out in red velvet armchairs with personal tables. With hand-built huts with glazed roof walkways and plenty of plants and natural light, the Soho farmhouse is a stunning natural abode for relaxing, dining and partying.