In the playground of custom BMWs, the K100 is the kid that always gets picked last for the team. It’s awkward, bulky and hard to restyle—but it’s packing a gem of an engine.

Munich-based lawyer and photographer Philipp Wulk will testify to that. He wasn’t planning to customize a K100—but then he decided to tear into his R65, and needed a daily runner to tide him over. He picked up a K100, fell in love, and began sketching out ideas.

“I thought it had great potential,” he says, “but the rear part of the frame just didn’t work for me. Stripped down, the K looks like a Hyena. I don’t mind hyenas, but that was not the look I was after!”

Philipp wanted a more streamlined effect; a continuation of the tank and engine’s lines. Held back by a lack of welding skills, he nearly shelved the idea. Then his good friend Matthias Pittner arrived for some beers, and things snowballed