The Federal Moto boys share Grant’s liking of classic lines and simple vintage accents, and a deal was done. Five months later, Fade To Black was ready to ride.

It’s a very technical build, and worth examining if you’re planning to go down that route yourself.

The main action centers on the engine. It’s running a Dynoman Stage 1 Performance kit: the motor has been bored out to 572 cc and fitted with forged pistons that boost the compression ratio from 9:1 to 10:1.

Federal have also fitted a WebCam 358a camshaft with .330 lift and 280° duration, plus uprated gaskets and a stronger clutch to cope with the extra power. And the engine looks as good as new, with a fresh coat of high-temperature powder.

A phalanx of Keihin roundslide CR29 sidedraft racing carbs free up the breathing. Gases exit via an underslung 4-into-1 custom exhaust from Steve ‘Carpy’ Carpenter, one of the pioneers of the CB cafe racer scene.