LOOSE JOINTS: "Ride Out, Ride Good"

Loose Joints Title.jpg

I've been hard at work cranking out our first life style brand for the Mongule and I'm proud to introduce one of our first exclusive releases that can only be found on the the website.

It was important to keep an open mind towards the ethos and feel of the brand and as usual I decided to go all-in on this one. I wanted the whole experience to revolve around the freedom of being on two-wheels. So I figured I'd do some research, by that I mean actually buy my first motorcycle. It wasn't much of an impulse purchase per say but took me weeks and months to get pass the usual reasons and restrictions of not owning one. The most common of one is it being a reckless mechanical death steed of massive dark powers that can make you feel like you're in a Mad Max movie.

Without a doubt those limiting beliefs always run through my mind every time; but the feeling you get just being on the open road, in charge of yourself and your destination was a sensation and an urge I could only satisfy on two-wheels. Especially the times where you just ride out to the unknown and make a left turn to a patch of road just to end up in a place you've never been before with an amazing view that could only be shared by a chosen few.

So it turns out by some strange psychocentric telepathic synchronisation, I wasn't the only one who wanted to get out of my comfort zone. A couple of good friends of mine have always wanted to ride out but just lacked the numbers. So (TALK ABOUT FIRST RIDE HERE) we chose to keep every Sabbath Day Holy to go out on our own,  that our destinations be our temples and the journey to be the prayer.

I wanted the brand to feel the same way as a message of freedom and a community that mainly just enjoys being out there rather than in front of a screen. We tend to live our lives in boxes and the older we get in our lives we just seem to be owning more boxes. It's about time we've gotten out, to just breathe and take all the thrills of being out there. 

Now when someone asks me as I ride if "I'm scared of death?". I simply say "Yes every time, but; I'm not afraid to live either."

by Anton Lopez