Galaxy Note 5 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

Samsung is set to debut the fifth iteration of the generously-sized Note later this month, but this is the internet—why wait in patience, when we can piece together rumors and half-truths instead? Here’s everything we think we know.

The Galaxy Note has long been the trend-setting Big Android Smartphone: Samsung basically invented (don’t-call-’em) phablets when it launched the first 5.3” Note back in 2011. Since then, screens have been getting oh-so-much bigger. Other companies have copied the Note’s styling (and occasionally, its stylus), but Samsung continues to rule the roost, selling nearly 5 millionNote 4s in the month after its launch last year.

But that doesn’t mean the Note 5 is guaranteed to be a smash hit: Samsung has lost dominance in India and China, and the emergence of cheaper but similarly-sized devices like the OnePlus 2is putting Samsung under threat.

Add all that together, and the Note 5 is an important device, both for Samsung’s reputation, and its diminishing coffers.



Samsung has traditionally followed a predictably boring pattern for Note launches: the device gets announced around the IFA trade show in September, and muscles its way onto shelves by the end of the month.

This year, things are changing a little: Samsung’s announcement event is August 13th. You can bet every shiny internet penny that the new Note will be on shelves before Apple announces its next iPhone sometime in September.


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Previous Notes have been available on all four carriers, and (reasonably believable) rumors say that trend will continue.


The Note 5 has been getting the leak treatment pretty hard and heavy, so we’ve got a fairly good idea of what it will probably look like: a big Galaxy S6. That means a glass-and-metal construction, curved back, and no removable battery or microSD. That’s the design suggested by numerous leaks of renders, and even some claimed hands-on photos of the device in the wild.

That would be a major departure from tradition: previous Notes have rocked a faux leather back as part of Sammy’s longstanding plot to get you to trade your Moleskin for a Note.

The stylus is still there, though, and this time round it’s apparently spring-loaded, to help you whip it out and start note-taking with zero delay.

One change you might hope for is a USB Type-C port to replace the microUSB, but from the looks of these photos, Samsung will be playing it safe.


The 5.7-inch screen on the previous few Notes has proved to be a popular style, and it looks like Samsung isn’t fixing what ain’t broke: you can expect the Note 5 to stick with that size.

The 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED screen on the Note 4 captured our hearts in a big way last year: Eric Limer described it as “a screen that will make people stop, stare, and ask delightfully ego-boosting questions”.

A resolution upgrade from that screen would be pointless, so it’s no surprise that the Note 5 is rumored to stick with the same resolution, and almost undoubtedly with the Super AMOLED technology Samsung has favored for years. It’s possible that there have been some minor tweaks to improve color, brightness or battery life, though.


You can expect the same 16MP camera packed into the Galaxy S6 to make an appearance in the Note 5. That’s a Good Thing: the S6 took the all-around crown in our Smartphone Camera comparison, giving the best balance of color and detail. There’s room for Samsung to improve with things like focus, flash and metering on the Note 5.

Up front, there’s a 5MP camera that looks perfectly adequate for your awful selfies.


But there’s some bad news on the battery: where the Note 4 packed a 3,200mAh battery, the Note 5 might shrink that down to 3,000. In real-world terms, that doesn’t necessarily mean a decrease in battery life: if the screen stays the same, and the processor proves less power-hungry in the Note 5, battery life might stay the same, or even get a tad better.

The Note 4’s battery life isn’t a bad starting point, either: you can eke out two days of use with some care. But you know what’s better than two-day battery life? Three-day, or four-day battery life. Let’s make those batteries bigger, not smaller.


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