A Man From Texas Is Going To Swim 5,500 Miles From Tokyo To San Francisco — What’d You Do Today?

Back in 1998 Ben Lecomte became the first person ever to free swim the 3,716 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, and he did so by swimming from Massachusetts to France both as a tribute to his father and to raise money for cancer research. Swimming is what Ben excels at, it’s what he feels most comfortable doing. So when a reporter from NPR asked Ben Lecomte why (beginning this September) he was going to swim 5,500 miles from Tokyo to San Francisco his answer wasn’t the least bit surprising, he simply stated “If I knew how to sculpt or paint, I think that would be the way I would like to express myself, but I am an awful painter and I don’t know how to sculpt. So I stick to swimming.” But this story’s not that simple, is it? There’s more to the upcoming 5,500 mile swim ACROSS THE ENTIRE PACIFIC OCEAN than a man making some jokes about being an awful painter then getting into the water and swimming 8 hours a day for six months straight. I hope you bros find some inspiration in the story and interview excerpts below, because I sure as hell did.

Here’s the hype video for Ben Lecomte’s upcoming swim, a swim that’s casually being referred to as ‘The Longest Swim’, when in fact it will be THE LONGEST SWIM ANY HUMAN BEING HAS EVER ENDURED:

Ben’s going to swim 7 days a week, for an expected 180 days, swimming 8 hours per day, and he’ll be burning an estimated 8,000 calories per day.

Below is a streamable version of Ben Lecomte’s interview with NPR (as well as video) about his upcoming 5,500 mile swim across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to California, and I highly suggest scrolling down and hitting the play button on that interview while reading up on the highlights below, and the details of the grueling trans-Pacific swim that Ben has in his very near future.