CUSTOM BIKE OF THE WEEK: BMW R100 by Svako Motorcycles

BMW R100 by Svako Motorcycles Apocalyptic and unorthodox: Those are the first two words that come to mind when I see ‘Sbang,’ a BMW from Sicily-based Svako. This is especially true when you compare Sbang to the last BMW we saw from Svako, a gentlemanly Paris Dakar replica.

Some may turn up their noses to the aesthetics of a bullet-riddled tank, but not me. Touches like that—and yes, they are real bullet holes—and the Heidenau K67 tires show that this is a bike built to be ridden hard. But that doesn’t mean it lacks finer detail. All of the wiring is hidden within the pock-marked tank, ahead of the fuel cap, which was fashioned on a lathe from an old flywheel.

If Mad Max-meets-the-Mafia is your cup of Chianti, Sbang is your bike. [Facebook]