A Dad Was Shocked When He Found Out He Accidentally Ran Over His Own Son

This is Jamie Ellison, a father of four from Cheltenham, England.

Friday morning, he posted this Facebook status after he found out his 15-month-old-son, AJ, had been hit by a car and seriously injured. The status asked for help from anyone who might have any information.

The call for help was attached to this breaking story on the Gloucestershire Echo’s Facebook page as police were called to the scene to investigate.


After an investigation, police determined the boy had been hit in a private driveway by a vehicle driven by a “close family member.”

Ellison later revealed he was the “close family member,” saying he ran over his son by accident.

The next day the Gloucestershire Echo posted a follow-up story where Ellison left a comment expressing his remorse and insisting it was an accident.

It reads:

Yesterday morning, I put my two girls into the car ready for the school. AJ is at the window waving. I reverse out of my drive a minute later after seat belting my two daughters. I drop them at school at which time my girlfriend has alerted me that AJ has been hit by a vehicle.

Naturally, I get to the scene with police, ambulances, etc., and of course I’m assuming its a hit and run as I had no idea I reversed into my son on the blind side. My two daughters were also unaware he was there. A few hours later thanks to some amazing police men/women they found CCTV footage which showed that I hit my own son.

Could you imagine what I felt like then knowing I nearly killed my own son completely unaware that I was responsible? You really think I hit him on purpose to do a school run only to get in an ambulance with him 10 mins later? Think about that. Then I have to collect my other son and two daughters from school and inform them about their brother.

I hope it’s a chat you never have to go through. I can genuinely understand some opinions on here, but that’s all they are, opinions. Now you have FACTS of a horrible family tragedy. The little man is recovering well, and young enough to forget this day. It’s something that will never be etched from my mind. So please understand this is an accident.

He ended the post with an honest plea.

“I don’t want bad things said about me or my family. We’re decent hard working parents, and trying to do our best. It’s a horrible tragedy,and no one is more sorry than I am as I look at cuts and bruises on my son. Constantly thinking what if…what if?”

Ellison’s son’s injuries were serious, but they are not considered life-threatening.