Now after our usual brain storming sessions over a couple of beers. We just thought to ourselves since everyone is starting their own craft coffee business. What would be a cool way of selling it without having to look like a really cool amish person. Ergo "Cabron Coffee" picture a coffee machine being thrown in the middle of a biker bar, perfect. All the rust, grit and metal crammed into one. But seriously, great coffee at a great price with the experience of a whole new environment to match. 

As we started sketching up ideas for the logo, we wanted to use a really bad ass looking animal and what more bad ass than a Billy Goat. It just so happens that the myth behind the discovery of coffee (which could be found below) coincides with goats. Perfect.

A brief history on the discovery of coffee:

Once upon a time in the land of Arabia Felix (or in Ethiopia, if an Ethiopian is telling the story), there lived a goatherd named Kaldi. Kaldi was a sober, responsible goatherd whose goats were also sober, if not responsible. One night, Kaldi’s goats failed to come home, and in the morning he found them dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leafed shrub with red berries. Kaldi soon determined that it was the red berries on the shiny, dark-leafed shrub that caused the goats’ eccentric behavior, and soon he was dancing too.

So we just continued to roll with it and made as much bad ass collateral as much as we possibly can. Mostly posters and imagery that we'd actually put up on the walls of the coffee bar.

Now in any case, this concept has not yet become a reality but will be soon one, hopefully; Most likely a pop-up in our hometown just to test the waters. At least we have the collateral and logo at the ready. See Cabron riding into your towns soon.