Our Endless Summer: Sandy Feet Siargao

Project Details

DESIGNS Logo,  Business Cards, Room Staging, Website, Product Tags and Website

DATE March 2015 

LOCATION Brgy. Malinao, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines



Just as we thought our little studio was rotting like an over-ripe apple, a long time awaited project had finally arrived under our feet. (Pun Intended). Months after conception we have been waiting to put the finishing touches to this little mom & pop guest housing/airbnb/bed and breakfast operation called Sandy Feet. It also was one of the first resort the studio has ever worked with. That and considering these are very very important clients the studio will ever work with.

So First thing was to design a Logo, they already had an original logo made with a previous designer. It just didn't seem to suit the personality of the place and after digging deeper on a design study of 5 of the world's best Resorts. The original logo would have just dissolved in the modern market - It was eye catching but not towards the market the owners were aiming for. 

So after the usual ass-biting weeks of research we came up with logos that top resorts in the world were using. In my mind I wanted the logo to be able to stand-out with the greats the legends. So we narrowed down our choices to which designs could stand in a room with these top brands and looked like it belonged there. The images above are some of the cranked out variations, with the concept of it being modern and timeless


Now it was time to choose the colour way for Sandy feet. The human psyche was always drawn to shades and colours that could manipulate their emotions ex. red - makes you hungry, light green - makes you calm and neon yellow - makes you want to use a bathroom just to vomit (kind of scary right?). So we chose a tiffany teal as a main palette. It was very easy on the eyes and a colour that was always related to one of the successful jewellers in the world. Which means the colour teal was always associated with TRUST which what we wanted our clients to have. Plus it looked kick-ass on the business cards we did for them.


Here's the hardest part, the website. Your parents never told you that life would be easy they just do their best to do that for you but when you take up a task that almost feels like climbing a tall mountain and jumping off a cliff to land on an elephant's back (that was slightly exaggerated). But that's when you know you're in deep elephant doo doo. What more is life's best teacher but experience. You don't need a college degree to gain it. Heck right after college that's all that most would-be employers will be asking you - a lot!

So where were we, Yes; making a website. Not just any website but a website with an automated booking system that would replace a secretary, book keeper, travel agents, a filing system, piles of paper work and would need to work 24/7. No problem, no problem at all. 

We held ourselves in weeks after weeks developing codes, think a beautiful mind except with post-adolescent filipino men, sweating it out in a room without air conditioning in the mid summers heat. Looking up on services that would make all that the client's wants possible.

Finally after weeks of hardcore non-stop googling we came up with a few contenders codes (html/css/java) and services. Came up with a pricing of Low/High/Medium that the clients were willing to pay. After a sit-down with them and explaining the pros and cons, they have finally come down with an agreement and then we set our sights on lay-out there after.


Two things make a website which is: a logo and it's content. In this case in order to draw more clients into the Sandy Feet lifestyle. It was important for them to see what they were getting into it. To actually take great images that represented the place and at the same time wouldn't give you the "It looked better in the pictures." feeling. You wouldn't want to sell people out on the service your providing, it just wouldn't be right. So we made it a point to get the subject which was to capture the resort in the best light possible, in order not to add any unnecessary edits in post. The Images above are what we are currently using for the sites rooms section. We also made the system of uploading images to the site was just as easy as using Facebook. So the clients would be able to do it themselves.

Fast forward a few months later, Sandy Feet has been fully operational and has been providing that brief escape for clients of all walks of life. They have been getting bookings almost non-stop and they have not yet found a need for travel agents and physical advertising. Thanks to the websites integration with tripadvisor.com , booking.com , facebook.com and airbnb.com. 

And also,

Starbucks? Yes we have it_Sandy Feet.jpg

Only at Sandy Feet.